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Maybe, just maybe I'll add a Minolta MD 4/200 because I like that field of view as well. We'll see.

I'm not much of a long-end shooter but I recently got Minolta MD 4/200 in great condition for cheap and have been pleasantly surprised. Shooting with it is different than wide to normal where I usually live photographically speaking, especially manually focusing on my Sony A6000 without IS. But I like the results.
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I've got a little Olympus MJU Mini that I want to use but it's only 4mp. Is that enough for the mosaic pics?
I don't see why not - seeing as the forum compression tops out at something like 1300px (IIRC) at the longest side ... ;)

The mosaic will have to sport somewhat lower resolution versions anyway - or we'd end up with something humongous; I'd rather like something I could print without buying more RAM ánd adding another CPU ;)


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