Vision 2020 Thread the First - January 1- 10

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1st photo of the year.
Wishing everyone the best in 2020.


Zemun, Serbia
Went for a walk after lunch to hunt for some images and after some 45 minutes I got several different compositions, but not quite there to really care to share them. But as I had nothing better, I kept arguing with myself which one could be "oumphed" in PP etc... And then I noticed an old door, open just several centimeters, enough to glimpse a house and it's yard left to ruin and a solitary abandoned faucet. And I knew immediately that it's my image for today, no need for inner argument anymore :)

Initially I planned to shoot everything with Minolta MD 50mm f1.4, but as I could only peek through the gate, I opted for the other lens in my bag, a Minolta MD 135mm f3.5, for it's reach,
and it's ability to give me that "faux-vintage-medium-format-look" that I love.
PICTOGRAMAX - 2020 - DRY - VISION 2020 - 01.jpg

Shot with Minolta MD 135mm f3.5 lens monuted via speedbooster on Sony A6000; 20 images stitched in total.
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