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Playing catchup at the moment, been a bit busy over the last week...

I started off using the little Olympus Mju Stylus but the original battery crapped out and I don't have a spare, so it's been sidelined for a future Si.




Takes nice pics though, I'd always wanted one since my mate got one back in early 2004...

Since then I've been alternating between the EM5 mkII, the GX8 and the GRII.






I picked up a Godox round head for the AD200 from Adorama's used department. So today I did a little side by side testing against the bare bulb head. By themselves, the round head was a way better light source. No contest. And not worth posting shots of. But, there is a standard reflector which comes with a clear diffuser from Godox for $7.99. The round head cost $79 new. The one I picked up, I paid $50 for.

The AD200 comes with a bare bulb head and bulb. Just adding the reflector w/diffuser adds another $7.99. But for comparison's sake. If you had to replace your bare bulb and head. It would be $39 for the bulb and $29 for the head. Apparently it is common for the head to go bad. And all flash bulbs eventually wear out. So, you would be looking at $68 for bare bulb/head vs $79 for the round head. The round also has a full set of accessories including gels, barn doors, grids, etc.

With all of that, here are the comparison shots and BTS. These were shot in raw. But zero changes were made. Just the conversion to JPG.
Round head

Bare bulb with reflector/diffuser

Not really any difference that I can see.



Some other things of note. It would seem that the monolight body remembers what the power setting was for the different flash heads. When I switched to the bare bulb, the unit went back to the power settings it was set to from yesterday shooting in the giant softbox.

All of the reviews I have read or watched show that the round head does create better light in modifiers. The round head did fit inside the mounting circle on my bowens mount modifiers. But I have yet to shoot with it in a modifier. Fortunately there are several days left in the vision 2020 challenge.

The Round head is smaller than the reflector on the bare bulb. So, it will fit in a camera bag. I can easily take an AD200 with round head, camera body w/lens, and a second lens in a bag with a light stand in it's carrying bag w/shoulder strap and be highly mobile. On some of senior portrait shoots I have done, this would have made things a lot easier on me. And will be easier going forward. If you are just filling in shadows on the face, with the round head there is no need to pack a modifier. Godox has managed to make a very versatile ecosystem in the AD200.
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