Vision 2020 Thread the First - January 1- 10

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And here's today's image.
. . . David
Pepper Plant.jpg


Zemun, Serbia
DAY 10 - I got out again and hunted by the river for a better part of an hour, with the impression that I'm going home with several candidates. But once I started reviewing them on monitor, nothing seemed worth keeping. So finally this one, just not to break the pace, although I overdid it in PP and didn't find the will to start over again. It's that kind of a tired day, I guess.
PICTOGRAMAX - 2020 - VISION 2020 - 10 - SURSUM.jpg

Shot with Minolta MD 50mm f.4 mounted via speedbooster on Sony A6000


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First full week back at work was brutal. And I had to work over the break on my vacation days. Anyway, I ended up stockpiling some of these on my camera until I could sit down today and post-process.


Okay, on catch up!


Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain on Wednesday - miserable day!


Thursday night - Vegan pizza from Zizzi's - pepperoni was made from Jackfruit, not sure I would have it again but hey, nice to be taken out for a dinner!


Friday - wilting flowers. I started a new job the week before Christmas. These were part of a bouquet of flowers that my wonderful colleagues gave me on my last day of my old job. They have lasted quite well considering I didn't water them! The flowers not the workmates!


That's an interesting looking building; is there any information available about it?
First Palo Alto Methodist Church, 1963, Carlton Arthur Steiner, Architect. Brutalist concrete, the little dark shapes are stained glass. Interesting from the inside. It was surrounded by scaffolding a few years ago, and it looked like a ship under construction.
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