Vision 2020 Thread the Third - January 22 - 31


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I fell behind on posting so travelling back in time with my posts ... starting with a couple from this morning before work.

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Every time I see a scene like image #1 I think of the Knight Bus from the 3rd Harry Potter movie. I guess I'm a bit unsophisticated when it comes to British culture - everything I think I know comes from Harry Potter or Doctor Who.


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Dec 29, 2013
I wanted to end the month on a somewhat different note - so I took the Z6 out today. It was quite interesting to use it after more than two weeks with the E-M5 III ...

I usually shoot and post more or less daily, so, not a big change there - but it was great to find everyone else's images all in one place for a common purpose, very inspiring.

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I narrowly escaped not one, but two photobombs entering the image from both sides; you can just about make out both of the cyclists driving through the red light ...

Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
I've barely posted myself. I'm silly busy at the moment, but I have relished the creativity shown in these threads and the energy that has been shown throughout.

A couple from me, to show that I do still wield a camera...

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And finally, a footnote courtesy of my cat and one of my security cameras...

Paws for thought...


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Sep 14, 2012
Day 31 Heroes just for one 'final' day!
This month was fun for me and certainly not as focused (pun intended) as one of our 'single in' months. So I am glad we did it like this.
Less restriction resulted in good participation and some really creative images.
I enjoyed seeing the images posted everyday.
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Tilman Paulin

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Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
Oh wow! Great pic. I have never been quick enough to get a pic of a Cedar Waxwing. One actually flew to the feeders in front of our main window, and by the time I grabbed the camera, it was gone.
I must have lucked out then :) When we were living in Portland OR there were small trees with berries just outside of my workplace - so I saw them fairly often. Here in Vancouver I've only seen them at the wetlands sanctuary at the coast. (I managed to get that photo there)


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Jan 1, 2017
These came out quite nicely. This place looks amazing. I like the shadows and how deep black they look.

The whole place was absolutely crawling with tourists and it was pretty hard to get a shot without people in it...

Some of the shots I had to move around and change angles a bit to try and hide them all behind different rocks... :biggrin:

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