Challenge! Vision 2022 - image thread 1 (days 1 to 10)

Boston Burbs
Day 9

Wider wins today. First big snow storm in one of my usual spots. I did crop this one down to a 2:3 which I tend to do on shots like this every now and then.

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A quick snap of my cat that I kinda like. It's interesting to trace the plane of focus down his body.
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On a different note, I was looking at this on the big screen (28" 4K monitor) - and there was a probably bigger then life size cat there looking straight at me - pretty amazing experience; that's one cool stare indeed ...

Well, I went out for a walk, but the knee said "not today", so I set up a little simple, window-lit, still life of my rosary. So there.
Saturday was my grandson's birthday far away. I just didn't shoot that day. Sunday was just busy and I'll need to see if I shot anything.
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A seriously lazy stilllife - sorry.


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I had to remove the dust buildup behind the low-pass filter because there was one speck I couldn't stand. An authorised Panasonic Lumix service centre is pretty non-existent here, at least in the North Island so I had to do it myself. I got tempted to remove the low-pass filter but the magenta cast was strong, of course, because the filter is blueish in colour. The images were GX85 sharp, though.

About 6 or 7 years ago, low-pass filters were pretty common in cameras and, while camera centres offer the usual two-wipe cleaning service, they were just wiping of the relatively tough low-pass filter cover, not the sensor. Canon 5D II sensor assemblies, though, are easy for dust to build up and I know plenty of shops doing thorough cleaning behind the low-pass filter.

GM5 Sensor Clean | 10 January 2022 7:34PM
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