Vivian Maier in NYC

Michael Penn

You have no idea how hard I tried to bring to Philadelphia. John is very interested but I can't seem to get the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gallery 339, etc, etc to show any interest.


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Philly, Pa
She is not known well enough for PMA. In time maybe but now, no way. PMA is way to conservative. Because she is basically an unknown, the market value for her work is not established yet. 339 probably would do something after her sales start on a steady incline.
For shooters she is wonderful but unfortunately, for money...
She's not there yet.


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Houston, Texas
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I'm a member at the PMA. Well, until December anyway when my membership expires.

It would be so nice to be able to speak to someone like Maier, and ask her what she was thinking when she took a certain photo. She must have had some very intriguing stories to tell.

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