Leica Showcase Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical Heliar LTM


Leica M9 (LTM adapter). Great lens for film but you have to work the color shifts at the corners on digital M bodies. The 12mm viewfinder it came with is among the best viewfinders I have ever used.



Oops! Good catch Armanius. Don't see a way for me to do it. Mods could you change to include "12mm"

Much apologies.


12mm is sooo wide! But you handle it SO well! It is easy to get some crazy angled lines with this focal length. Your images are great!
That worked out well!

And I am glad that someone else brings the Monochrom to a playground. Great shots, will keep childhood memories alive for a long time. Nikki loves looking at pictures of her in the Playground.

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