Fuji Voigtlander 18mm 2.8 announced


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Toronto, Canada
Voigtlander announced their new 18mm 2.8 color skopar for Fuji x-mount. Set to arrive in Feb.

After their 27mm pancake, many speculated that this was coming, me included. I was hoping for this lens to be an F2, but nonetheless, it will be a great pair with that 27mm for many users want a compact MF set.

Ivan Loh posted about it with some initial product shots and images. Not a detailed review, but nice to see it on Fuji RF bodies and some of the output.


Now, if the X-Pro4 launches soon, I will seriously looking at getting it, with both the 18 & 27. Really hope Fuji makes it high end and includes the MF features that the Nikon Zf has. That would be a great kit.
It seems to be a nice addition to the 27mm lens they already released. While the launch of the X-Pro4 didn't happen and who knows when it will happen, the new Voigtländer pancake lens is already available, here in Germany it is a tad more expensive than the 27mm sibling at EUR 599,- (compared to 549,-). I am crossing my fingers for a longer focal length as their next lens, something in the ~90mm range would be great.