Leica Voigtlander 21/4

William Lewis

Hayward WI
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William Lewis
So sorry. First time I’ve heard of a Voigtlander lens being bad.
Honestly, though it was pretty well packed, all it takes is one bad hit or perhaps the previous owner ... neglected... to mention the issues. It was less than 1/2 the average selling price so even with a CLA/repair from a reasonable shop, it can still be less than a new one.


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No issues for me so far, new or used - superb quality (I own eight and have ordered an ninth lens). I've had more problems with Leica lenses, to be frank.

Yes, but given the cost of a Leica lens, a CLA makes it worthwhile as opposed to potentially prohibitive with a cheaper Voigtlander lens. FWIW, Voigtlander lenses in my experience outshine native G, AF-D and ai-s lenses with my Nikon camera so I guess I’m still a bit stunned to see how William’s came out.