Leica Showcase Voigtlander 25mm F4.0 Color Skopar


These images are from the newer rangefinder coupled version of this lens. All shot on an M8 at a yearly car meet in Poole organised by a friend of ours. So if you like German cars as much as German cameras this is the thread for you. In a couple of the images the cars owners are stood by them which is the sort of thing I look for so the club could use them. I took a lot of images so this is a bit of a modem burner as we used to say.












The lighting was very difficult that evening but the M8's files acquitted themselves very well standing up to some heavy adjustment in ACR. I really love using this little lens as well.

Thanks for viewing.


I do love German cameras and German cars; thanks for sharing the photos. I'm beginning to wonder if I should have gone for the RF-coupled version instead, but the used price I got on the Snapshot Skopar version was pretty good. M8 color rendering of the evening clouds in a number of the photos and of the greenish-silver on the last three photos are excellent.


Thanks all and thanks Penfan. I don't think there is much difference between the two versions, some of the sharpest shots I took were earlier on and didn't rely on use of the RF as I had the lens stopped down to F8 and the markers preset for F5.6. It seems to need the light more than anything else to get sharp looking shots. At full size the images are sharp corner to corner but it vignettes fairly heavily and has some colour shift so all of these images are after a run through cornerfix on the DNGs.

The colours look amazing on my desktop machine which I use for all the editing, I have a 26" monitor 1920x1280 resolution which helps somewhat. I actually spent a long time fiddling with white balance settings then just set ACR to As Shot and it looked pretty much exactly as I remember it. The 356 especially as to my memory as that greenish tint in the silver is just what I remembered. It was a stunningly beautiful car and these shots were literally just seconds when the car wasn't being surrounded by onlookers. What is also interesting is the white 911. In one shot it looks very light and in the other it looks a little cream but again this is how I remember the car, how white it was seemed to change a little with the lighting so again I think the M8 got it bang on. Perhaps this subtle effect is one of the reasons why some guys go crazy about the white balance on this camera, it always seems to pick up and accentuate subtle differences from shot to shot.