Leica Voigtlander 50mm F1.0 PRE-ORDERs now being taken

Cameraquest is taking orders. I bought my 50/1.1 Nokton, 35/1.2 Nokton v1, 50/1.5 Nokton v3, 50/2 APO-Lanthar, and 50/1.2 Nokton from Cameraquest- so have direct experience.

Aspheric optics, floating element design. $1799 on pre-order with hood.

I just placed my order. This lens is comparable with the Leica 50/0.95, at a fraction of the cost.

Expected shipment in January, I'll be posting comparison shots along side my other super-speed lenses, including the 1961 Canon 50/0.95.