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Herman The Stimulator translation: OVF = optical viewfinder; EVF = electronic viewfinder; back screen = LCD on the camera's back.

I'm generally an EVF addict, but I do like my LCD and wish it was a flip up (the X101?;)), but a good OVF with info. is very handy, too. I am much too much of a diplomat to be an all or nothing voter, Herman.:D


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Depends on the camera, for the X100, the e-p2 and the e-pl1 I prefer the EVF. On the Nex 5 and the lx5, I have no option but to use the LCD screen to compose pictures.

What do you prefer Herman?


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Depends on the situation and camera

I find the flip screen on the G1 and Canon Powershot very useful

I find the flip screen more useful that the standard "flat" LCD screen

on my DSLR I prefer the OVF, except when doing tripod work when the use of the LCD in preview and manual focus mode is very good, (useful)

and on the M8 I have no option - so it's OVF and scale focussing

So what I need, Herman, screen and viewfinder wise - is the functionality of the Nikon D300 in a Leica M Body with a swivel Canon or Panasonic LCD screen - but I don't think Mr Leica will accommodate "anytime soon" as you "cross the pond" people say


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I've been an OVF guy for a long time. I've been using the EP1, so forced to LCD, with the EP3 I was going to get the EVF, but now with touch-to-shoot on the LCD, this is MUCH easier than a VF, focus and recompose.