Leica W/NW Black and White Portraits of People

Zulma is beautiful, and the Sonnar was made for pictures like this!

An older shot of Nikki, with the Bessa R2 and Canon 50/1.5 Sonnar formula lens of 1952, and one with a the M Monochrom 1934 Sonnar 5cm F1.5.
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Northern Virginia, and will end up in Navarre Florida eventually. We vacation there yearly, bought a beach house- and have had pool parties with Raid and his girls, where he and I geek out and the girls complain about their crazy dads...


Ah, Florida, I have good memories from our vacation in 2011... We started from Miami Beach, and then with a rent car we went from the Keys all the way up from the west cost to Orland and then back on the east cost to Miami... Wonderful!
We should plan another vacation in the USA.

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