W/NW Signs of Fall.


Product of the Fifties
Canon 50/1.2, wide-open on the M8.

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Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I need to get out to the countryside - soon! Thanks for these Ray, it's a beautiful day up here in New York, too. Your photos make me feel happy - and hopeful...and glad that the snow won't fall around here for quite a while.;)
I think I can hear those leaves crackling! At our spot on this big blue marble, we've lost some leaves (oaks)but really everything is still pretty green, with tinges of yellow...but I know if I have the chance to go north over the weekend just about 30 miles, the whole season will be much more along the lines of what you've showed us here, Christine.

Wonderful fall visions!
Bill - talk about crystal clear and superb color. Yes, inquiring minds want to know - which camera and lens. We promise not to run you out of town on a rail if it was a bigger than compact one.;)

Christina, :bravo-009: - wow!!!! I love this one of yours! It is absolutely stunning as well as being interesting. This is a serious winner. I do not exaggerate in the least. You must have a good sized print made and frame it, by order of the Queen. I am not fooling around on this.
Suspicious girls, (sorry ladies or whatever is PC these day)
My Nikon DSLR was never near the scene - it was tucked away in the warmth

G1 + Carl Zeiss Planer 2/45 (45mm f2) - lens number 9510xxx - the T* G lens - with Metabones M43 adapter - the big thing with the focusing "wheel"
about a 50% crop of the original 4x3 image
I think that this one was at f2.8, (but maybe f2).
ISO200 at 1/1600 sec
A few tweaks in LR3

(They do reckon these Carl Zeiss lens are better on the NEx cams)
:D Yes, suspicious minds. Honestly, I'm just plain old interested because I think the resolution is excellent, so thank you Mr. Bill! The Zeiss looks as though it did a fantastic job in your hands on your G1.

LX5 a view just off that road above in, Sherman, Connecticut.

This town in eastern Connecticut, along the New York state border, is about a 90 minute car ride to Lincoln Center...the performing arts center on the east side of Manhattan - in case anyone is interested. We have friends up this way and have been looking for a new place to live that's is much less crowded and has much more open, undeveloped land. Fingers crossed.
BB, your colour shot is amazing. Great dof and pp. Did you use the RAW file from the LX5 for this one? Very nice pp on the second shot too. What are you using now, Colour efex and silve efex? These are quite pricey here in the UK :(
OK, I promised, so here is another color one and then the same one in black and white.


LX5 f/8 @ 1/500th ISO 200


Personally, I like the black and white one. You all may not like either one. My only dislike is the sky. It looks unreal on both, really. I don't know if this is the nature of the beast or if it is due to my mishandling of the exposure, etc.