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Jul 7, 2010
Then, 10 years ago:

Now, same girl, same tree.

Hard to believe how much people and trees grow in 10 years. Seems like yesterday.
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Jul 11, 2010
Alexandria, VA
Very nice nice pictures Brian and a nice idea for a thread. Time is truly our most precious commodity. Photographer Scott Bourne (Photofocus.com) had a blog entry (Capture a Moment Before It Goes Away Forever) this past week that has some nexus to your theme...

Capture A Moment – Before It Goes Away Forever « Photofocus

We started an annual practice where we took hand and footprints of my son starting at age one and added some of the year's collected trinkets to the cast as well. We then placed them in one of our flower beds. He is 12 now and the footprint has given way to just the hand print, as he now up to a size 9.5 shoe-size.

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