Micro 4/3 Wanderlust Pinwide - Wide Angle Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3


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I just received a press release for what looks to be an interesting product from Wanderlust Cameras. The Pinwide is a new wide angle (11mm) pinhole cap now available for pre-order. Here's a sample image:


You can find out more about the Pinwide on their product page: Wanderlust Cameras : Pinwide

Additional sample images: Wanderlust Cameras : Gallery

The Pinwide is currently available for pre-order ($39 including shipping). However, the project will only be funded if they are able to obtain ~150 pre-orders (Pinwide cap for Micro 4/3 by Wanderlust Cameras — Kickstarter). You will not be charged unless the project is funded.

For more money (~$60 plus shipping), one can get a Skink Pinhole cap on Ebay, but the samples from that product don't look as good to me as those from the Pinwide. Also, the Pinwide is wider (11mm) than the Skink Pinhole for Micro 4/3 (18mm).

The Pinwide seems like an interesting product and worthy cause to bring to the attention of our readers. I'm in with a pre-order and hope others will join me!