Micro 4/3 Want advise to buy GF1 or any other portable DSLR


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Hi guys,

Im currently using a Nikon D40 and find it to heavy to carry around. I'm a journalist and want good quality pics but Im having problem carrying D40 as i travel a lot.

Is the Panasonic GF1 good compared to the Olympus Ep1 and Sony Nex ?

What about the Leica X1 ?
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The GF1 is a great camera. It's very similar to the Pen cameras but has an improved AF system.
The IQ is beautiful. The X1 is also a great camera but only if you can live with a fixed Focal Length.

Most shooters will have an X1 but also have another camera with interchangeable lenses or adjustable focal lengths. The discipline of a fixed focal length camera takes
commitment and patience to find your personal vision. This usually takes it's toll on the shooter after a period of time and the lure of different focal lengths takes over.

With either a Pen or the GF1 you'll be cutting your load and still getting the images you want AND have the options of different lenses.
Good luck in your quest.
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With the right lens the GF1 & E-P1&2 can match DSLR's for IQ, no problem. They have the added bonus of being small, light and portable and I much prefer to use a camera of this type rather than lug big gear around wit me.


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Pentax make a small DSLR(s) - (the Kx?), and their glass is (very) good and reasonably priced - you can also use all Pentax MF glass from years back - (M screw fitting included) - cheap and good off Ebay

For use as a main camera the lack of a view finder is a big negative for me and I do find the controls on the EP-1 and to a lessor extent the G1, not (nearly) as good as on the DSLRs, (I have a Nikon and a Pentax). Trying to frame with a LCD, particularly in good daylight is not a great experience

The physical size is a big positive for M43, but as your main camera, I personally would go for a G1 or it's latest replacement rather than the EP or GF

M43 is fine with the fixed 17mm and 20mm lenses (and 45mm), but once you get into telephoto territory I have found the available lens to be less satisfying

don't get me wrong, I like my M43 stuff - but they do have drawbacks which offset their size - "they are what they are"

(my comments are versus a conventional DSLR)

Hope it helps


I would take a serious look at the X1 (as I do too). Of course you need an OVF, that increases the format.
Do you really need long distance shots? Do you really need a zoom? Is IQ not the most important?
Perhaps you should wait until the end of September (Photokina).


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also factor in and compare the total cost, including lenses and accessories, for the set up that you need - as has been said other options then come into play

If you do not need 720 video, the Canon G11 is cheap and worth a look, (although the sensor and image IQ is better on the GF particularly in RAW)

(also post processing now plays a big part in the production of digital images)


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I also own a Nikon D40 and and EP2. I can tell you that the D40 with the 35mm 1.8 lens is a LOT lighter than the EP2 with the Zuiko 50mm lens. Of course, I don't know what lenses you are using on your D40 but just a thought!


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I would go for one of the Panasonic G's. I have an E-p1 with Oly17mm, VF, and legacy lenses which I love, but you might be better off with the electronic VF.