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The LA Times, (April 21), has a rather extensive article on War Photography. Much different than I expected, more of War Photography 101, an intelectual examination, comparisons and contrasts between art (paintings) and photography. Some interesting quotes:

"George Bernard Shaw said he would willingly exchange every painting of the crucified Christ for a single snapshop of him on the cross."

Something to ponder ...

James Salter, at the beginning of his new novel, "All That Is", writes "Everything, writes Salter, was happening at two speeds, 'the desperate haste of action and also at a lesser speed, that of fate.'"

This is so true, in combat everything, but you, is moving in fast motion and your heart is pounding out of your chest in a destrate attempt to catch up.

The article is titled "The shutter speed of fate".

Interesting reading.


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