Sony Washington Yesterday


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Beautiful photos, Olli; really making good use of your new RX100. What are your parameters when you photograph people? They're not aware of being photographed. Do you frame your shots, or shoot from the hip or chest? Prefocus? Thanks in advance,


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Thanks all. Thanks John. For the most part I frame them but I rarely shoot up close. I like plenty of stuff around the people in the shots. The only one here (and in the earlier Washington shots) that was shot discreetly is the last one. I was sitting there looking through earlier shots and just noticed this scene when I glanced round.

The nice thing about the RX100 is that is looks 'harmless' - just a little P&S - and Washington in the summer is full of people taking pics with little P&S's. I don't doubt that I'm in dozens of pics taken by other people that day.