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A gala weekend on the South Devon Railway with visiting engines and some demonstration trains.


The early morning milk train near Caddaford heading towards Buckfastleigh


A double headed train restarting having had a signal check (stop) approaching Staverton from Totnes


The early afternoon goods train approaching Staverton from Totnes


A passenger train entering Buckfastleigh with the signalman waiting to collect the token from the driver. On single lines a train in one direction will carry a token between signal boxes that interlocks points and signals and prevents the signalman from allowing a train to depart in the opposite direction until the other one has cleared the section, thus preventing head on collisions


The Buckfastleigh signalman collecting a token from the driver. The train is moving as he does this. Likewise the driver of a departing train will pick up the token as he moves off


The guard gives the all clear to the driver at Staverton. The guard has overall responsibility for the running of the train.

All taken with a Panasonic G1 and 14-45mm, f/3.5-5.6 zoom



Cotswolds, UK
A great nostalgic journey back in time that reminds me of my time as a child spent in the signal baox with a family friend - the smell of grease and clunk of levers engaging, bells and also the smell of steam.



I'm sure we could think up a name for that sort of timing ... hmmm ... how about the decisive second ? ... no, that's not quite right ... how about the perfect moment ? ... no, dammit, I give up ... stupid idea really ...

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