After a bad winter with record breaking rain & snow amounts, the silver lining is great waterfalls here in the Portland area. This is Falls Creek Falls and it is a 2 tier waterfall. The cooling breeze from the falls made the warm
hike even more enjoyable! The XT-1 was the perfect camera to take for these 63 year old bones....


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Whistlepipe Gully {02} - Mundy Regional Park
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

Whistlepipe Gully in the Mundy Regional Park was in good flow when we visited, as we have had reasonable winter rains. By late summer there is a good chance the waterfall will be dry.

We were walking the park as part of Ibu Anne’s training to complete the Oxfam Trailwalker 50km.


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Reviving another thread. This I had chased for literally years; it's very hard to get to a point from where you can actually take a picture - I had always heard the fall but never seen it! Today, I took my hiking poles with me and managed to get down a steep slope (it wasn't trivial either with the waterlogged soil - mud and slippery leaf patches all over).


I'm happy to finally have an image, but I'll return with different lenses ... I did discover an even better spot, but I have to take some ropes and gear to secure myself there; it's a bit too treachous for my liking; in fact, I explored it today but had to literally hug a tree (warp both my arms around two big branches) to keep myself from joining the water below ... which wasn't conducive to good images; this was taken from a different spot a few meters along ... but there was no way of avoiding the branches in the foreground from there.

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Nice image, Matt. I used to spend a lot of time hunting waterfalls, and visited quite a few sites similar to the one you described. I've found I'm getting more prone to nagging aches when I push myself like that, so I've been sticking to cycling instead of trekking through ravines. Besides, I don't want to end up on page 2 of the local paper under a banner reading "Putnam County man perishes while photographing epic waterfall". :D

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