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Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
A friend of mine has been doing some volunteer work lately, photographing gravestones and gravesites. Since these images end up on a website, she asked me about watermarking her images - something I never do (no surprise since I rarely post photos to the Internet - although that may change soon). I've seen some images from forum members that include watermarks. Does anyone have an recommendations on how to go about it or which service to use? I doubt she wants to purchase Photoshop or Lightroom - although she has iPhoto on her Mac.


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Nov 12, 2010
A simple watermark can be added in microsoft paint (just add the desired text/colour/font and select background transparency). I'm not sure if her Mac has paint, but if not, it'll surely have an equivalent. Pixlr is a free online editor, and GIMP can be downloaded for free. Both can do watermarks quite well, both simple text watermarks or images, and both will allow you to make the watermark semi-transparent.


Jul 27, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
I use the GIMP to set up the transparency and bulk edit in Lightroom - images go online as watermarked tiny jpgs (except for this site LOL). There's also another little program around called uMark (Free Watermark Software - uMark) but I don't know how it works - it's a Win download. Google free watermark software for others.

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