Fuji We need to talk about the rumored Medium Format Fuji

Stephen S

Feb 14, 2014
East Bay, Northern California
Stephen Scharf
I'm sure the color gamut, skin tones, and overall image quality will be exceptional. We all know that Fuji really understands this discipline exceptionally well. My Fuji X-A1 Bayer-sensor camera also had excellent image quality, better, interestingly, than my Oly OM-D E-M1. It's clear that Fuji is of the view that this camera will be fully on-par with "645"-format MF digital backs, much as their APS-C sensors are fully on-par with "full-frame" cameras. I find it interesting that they did not take the "off-the-shelf" sensor, but required a design built to their specifications. The other piece, that many folks forget about, is the image processor that captures and processes the signal from the sensor into the RAF file. Canon has DIGIC, Nikon has EXPEED, Sony has BIONZ, Fuji has EXR (or, X Processor Pro)...and it's clear that Fuji's image processor can do some amazing stuff when it comes to producing image quality. That, coupled with what I am confident will become a comprehensive set of superior lenses, means that, like the X APS-C-format system, GFX will evolve into a state of the art MF system. What I really like about Fuji is that they fully think things through over the longer term, as we've seen with the evolution of their lens roadmap, unlike Sony, who don't seem to think much through other than when the next body will ship.

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