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I need to put together a small web site

In the past I used Adobe Go Live on my PC

I am not a PC user anymore and would like some simple Web Builder software to use on my Mac that I cam download to my computer

Any suggestions? free, low cost or even a little more expensive - it really will be a simple "less than 10 page site"


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I use 1&1 as my server. They have a program called Website Creator. It works fine, simple and efficient. Most servers have a similar program. For uploading files etc, I use Cute FTP.
Hope this helps.


I have used a bunch of web site generating programs for the Mac with great success.

A down and dirty one is iWeb and I used it for a while for my site my wife’s site and a Christmas Greeting sit that I put up every season.

I maintained my “Elements Challenge” web site for two years with a neat little program called PhotoToWeb as it generates nice galleries of images. I now generate galleries with Aperture just because I am to lazy to run two programs.

Now I maintain two sites, my own personal one as well as another, simply by using Wordpress.

Finally I created maintain two hug sites using Freeway Pro it is very powerful but a bit tricky to learn.

Finally I maintain a site by hand coding using BBEdit, Transmit and CSSedit.

Here are some examples of sites I have built or maintained and this may help you our in figuring out the complexity of the programs that develop these sites.



Freeway Pro




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I'd vote for Rapidweaver, but with caveats. When you buy the software, you are only buying for the current generation (so now, thats version 5.x). When it goes to Version 6 you'll be expected to pay a hefty upgrade price. On the other hand, it works well and comes with a truckload of themes. All you need to do is plug in your information.

Another one which I haven't looked at recently is Sandvox. A similar deal to Rapidweaver.

[edit] Just looked at Weebly. Brilliant concept.

Hmm, another thing worth seriously considering is Wordpress. Its a blog, sure, but you can have just pages if you want. its also excellent for gallery. Completely free at http://www.wordpress.com I'm running a self hosted WP site at e-sack, only just revived it (see sig) but also have my old blog hosted


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as indicated above - Weeby is quick and very easy

looks good and is fine for me - run it free on their site or use it on your own domain

Thanks - there is so much out there that is really good and (for free) if you just want something simple, (but they are more than that - you can built a quite good web presence for free - and it's fun)

Thanks again


I'd highly recommend WordPress as well, the TwentyTen theme is very powerful and using the 'pages' functionality one can build very capable websites. Another great thing about WordPress is that it works on the server and is therefore OS independent. It requires a learning curve which is totally worth it. The best way to familiarise oneself with WordPress is to start a free blog at wordpress.com and then keep learning..

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