Feedback Weekend Update - 2019-08-10


Code Monkey 🐒
Some little updates this weekend... 😊
  • The "Support Cameraderie" menu link is not shown to current subscribers.
  • The Gear Talk category has been renamed to Photo Gear.
  • The More Gear Talk category has been renamed to Other Gear.
  • A new Drones forum was added under the Other Gear category and existing threads moved.
  • A fix was done for EXIF data not showing for some images, in particular Flickr images that were linked back to the original image on Flickr.
  • Changed a few node icons.
  • Some thread house cleaning; from the various site mergers some forums still need cleaning.
Most of that list would've gone likely unnoticed but I know some of you guys/gals notice even the tiniest of things. ;)

While I've got your attention, some random thoughts..... :D

Speaking of house cleaning, is there still a need for having the "Superzoom Salon" forum or is it time to move the threads into their corresponding gear & galleries forums?​
Is it time for a "Phones" forum as a home for the various iPhone / Pixel / misc. threads?​

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