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I am really enjoying taking part in the weeky challenge and seeing everyone's take on the different subjects. I also love the competitive nature of it but, at the end of it, I find it disappointing that we rarely comment on each other's work other than to vote at the end of the week on the ones we like the best, and then congratulate the winner and then start the whole process again with a new weekly challenge. I don't know about you guys/girls, but I'd quite like to comment/discuss each other's entries after the challenge has finished but the thread is always closed when its time to vote so there's no easy way to go back and discuss the individual entries.

For example, in this week's challenge I didn't want to ask BB why the image she shared was iconic to her during the challenge because it would have sounded cheeky, but actually, I'd quite like to know the story behind the picture. The same with Alf's pots. I don't mean this cheekily, its just honest curiosity. We all come from different backdrounds/cultures so we all learn to look at the world differently because of this and discussing these kind of things lets us learn more about each other and what makes us tick in terms of our individual photography.

I don't often understand abstract pictures, or sometimes why people choose to photograph pictures from the perspectives that they do or, indeed, the subjects they do but I'd quite like to discuss the reasoning behind these things so I could learn from it, and appreciate the photographs more rather than just dismiss them as something I just don't get/don't understand/wouldn't do.

Kal's request for constructive criticism in his signature also reminds me that we don't visit serious compacts just for the GAS, we're here because we want to become better photographers and get acknowledgement or help on our path to becoming better photographers. The challenge itself encourages us to try to produce the best image, and constructive criticism on our past entries would help us all reach that goal.

A lot of good pictures don't get votes, not because the photographs aren't good, but the voting system doesn't allow us to acknowledge all the entries, but being able to comment on them after the voting is over, would at least let us acknowledge the good work done by those who have taken part in the challenge.

What does everyone else think? Am I just a mad Scot's lass with strange ideas?


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How about after the challenge is closed, it automatically becomes open to a sort of Q&A/open mic discussion? I for one would appreciate the feedback. But probably not before the voting so as not to influence anyone, and let the image stand on its own? Just my 2 cents'.


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Karen etc... This is a good idea but....
If post start on the thread, it would be hard to keep track which image is being discussed.
olli's idea is sound.
If you want to discuss an image, invite the shooter to post in the c&c forum. Then all remarks would be for that image.
Is this satisfactory?
If not, you could post the image in a galleries that I could make for this project. Then use the comments to post for that image.
This would be ideal.
Let me know and it shall be done.


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I agree that I'd like to comment on various people's pictures. To me, however, there's a difference between commenting and asking questions and constructive criticism. Constructive criticism implies asking for feedback in order to improve and/or change one's photographs in some way...be it an artistic kind of help, a "developing" help or feedback - often software related since we don't use chemicals anymore, etc. Whereas, discussion in the way of questions or comments is different. I think it's important to recognize the difference between the two.

We could have both - we could have people start C&C threads on their own photos if that is what they are after and we could easily have a gallery to use in conjunction with The WC...as we have for The Single in July, right now.

I'd love to have a gallery for The WC. And if people felt that they'd like to put their photos in for C&C they can certainly start a thread.

Thanks for bringing this up Karen!:th_salute:


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The WC threads used to stay open but one week we had an entry 5 min before closing that I nearly missed and another a day late. I admit that I've been 'focussed' (ha ha) on a tidy turnaround but on reflection Karen, Heather and others have raised a valid point. After all if someone want's to post another image after the voting deadline has closed perhaps they should be able to.

As a trial I will re-open the last 4 WCs to give opportunity for comment, question and critique.