Welcome from N.W. Pennsylvania, USA

I found this site through a Google search on Sigma DP1s cameras and it looks very nice. I have been doing photography for a long time, and have used everything from 8x10 LF gear to Holgas, to DSLRs, to rangefinders, to you name it :D

Anyway in the next few weeks, I am going to get a "serious compact" digital camera, more than likely a Sigma DP1s as I really like the 28mm focal length and large sensor, and I am glad I found this site.

Feel free to drop by my flickr page to see my work

Flickr: eye of wally's Photostream

Wally Billingham
Corry, PA, USA


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Wally, welcome and thanks for sharing how you found your way here, too - I always find that interesting...one thing always leads to another here on the information highway.:wink: Glad you did find your way here and I'll be looking forward to your involvement and your photos, too!



Wecome. Your 8X10 work is lovely. I read somewhere that the secret to compact cameras is to treat them like a view camera. You should be right at home. I'm into my TL500, but am definitely interested in the DPs. L ook forward to reading about your experiences.


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Philly, Pa
Welcome Wallace,
It seems we are almost neighbors. I'm from a small town in SEPA... Philly, maybe you have heard of it.
Nice work, makes me miss my Deardorffs....