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I can see there are a ton of visitors right now and would first like to thank some of the referrers for the love:
There are many others, too many to thank individually, but thanks to all!

Just wanted to say a few words also to the guests browsing: Serious Compacts is a blog about the use of smaller cameras for quality photography. There are many folks who feel that quality photography means large heavy DSLR kit, and we don't think so!

The site went through a period of inactivity earlier this year and was recently relaunched as a forum based blog. We are trying to build a community of people who are interested in photography with smaller compacts (and also the gear/technology itself).

I hope that some of you will join our young but growing community dedicated to photography using the entire spectrum of smaller cameras (including the latest mirrorless interchageable lens systems). Registration really couldn't be easier. You can simply use your Facebook login via the blue " Connect" button at the top of the screen, or click on Register if you prefer not to register with your Facebook credentials (or don't have a FB account at all.

If you choose not to register, please visit us again in the future. Lots more original content coming along as we approach Photokina!


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Congratulations to Amin and the administration team: this site gets a lot of attention.
I also recommend to join this great community of small camera fans, because size and weight matters.
I shall be looking forward to new members, please take a seat.