Welcome, Paul Giguere


Hall of Famer
I'm excited to share the news that Paul Giguere will be joining Serious Compacts as a reviewer.

Paul is a photographer based in the United States. His current focus is on social documentary photographic projects that show the positive aspects of the human condition while helping others tell their stories through words and pictures.

I became familiar with Paul as a regular listener of his podcast Thoughts on Photography, through which Paul explores what it means to live a photographic life. One of the things I find so refreshing about Thoughts on Photography is that Paul doesn't cover equipment there at all, so I am all the more interested to read his take on gear here at Serious Compacts. I am confident that we will get a fresh, real world perspective in his equipment reviews.

To begin with, we have a Fuji X100 and Leica X1 en route to Paul, and I'm also hoping he will share his impressions of working with the Ricoh GRD III.

Please join me in welcoming Paul to Serious Compacts, and visit his website: www.paulgiguere.com


betwixt and between
Welcome Paul! I'll be very interested to read your thoughts and will hopefully have my own X100 in hand to compare quietly along with you. I know we have a strong number of Ricoh enthusiasts here, as well. So many great cameras out there to learn about, and try to resist buying.;)

Glad to have you aboard, Paul!