Just wanted to share that I've now bought a number of items from wexphotovideo.com and if you're in the UK, I totally and unreservedly recommend them.

They're just exceedingly professional and reliable.

I bought my last two cameras (E-M1.2 and OM-1) from them, and this year I've bought over £7k of lenses from them.

One of those lenses is built to order: I placed my order in February and will only receive it tomorrow. When I placed the order I rang them instead of using their site, and negotiated a small discount.

The lens was re-badged in June/July, which came with a £300 price rise - the new list price is £6800. Wex have been contacting me monthly to let me know they're still tracking the order, let me know of the re-badging and have honoured the initial negotiated price.

I know that should be expected, and did have to remind them today of their agreed price in February, but there's been no fuss, and throughout all my interactions with them it's just felt professional and reliable and I am very happy to trust them on purchases of that scale.

So just wanted to share my experience, as amid my giddy excitement at a lens I've been waiting for since February, I do feel I've been looked after well, and if you're in the UK then this definitely a company to consider.

Separately, but linked: I use Camera Price Buster - Compare UK Stock Prices to compare the major online retailers. Wex were price-competitive when I placed that order, and although they're currently not the cheapest, I'm paying less than the lowest price on that site for the lens I'm buying.

Disclosure: Wex have no idea I'm posting this here, I'm not getting anything from them, and if the site admin think this is not an appropriate post then I'm entirely comfortable with them removing it.