Fuji What are some of the good quality lens that fuji has?


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Feb 7, 2013
I'm thinking of getting the x pro 1
What lens are more recommended?
It also seems they may have new lens coming out.
are those any good?

Steve B.

Feb 2, 2013
All of them. I'm also a Nikon user. Optically they are the equivalent of the G Series lenses. You can't really go wrong with any of them. I just got the 14 today.

Steve B.

Feb 2, 2013
I agree with Luke. I was going to get just one I would get the 35mm. If I was going to get two I would get the 18 and 35. The 14 is probably a better lens than the 18 but it's a harder lens to work with. The 35 is really priced too low by a good bit for it's performance.
As other have said, they are all great lenses. Your choice of lens should really e dictated by what equiv focal length u are the most comfortable w. I hav all three of the original primes, I tend to use the 35 the most followed by the 18. I tend to use the 60 more for macro work. I use an old canon rf 50f1.2 via adapter when I want to shoot something tat requires a lot of separation.

The 35 is not as sharp as the 60, but it is really not that far behind. Af speed and f1.4 make it a good default lens to use. However I looking forward to the 27 pancake lens that is due toward end of 2013. Just in case here is a roadmap of the Fuji lenses coming up..


The 18 is not as sharp as 35 at the corners but unless u really are a pixel peeper, I am not sure u would normally notice it.. Hopefully, the content of your shot is going to be what people will notice.

The new 21 is pretty wide for some people, but I tend to like wide... Back in the day when I shooting a lot of film, it was two CLs, one w/ 21 and the other w/ 40. Plus a 90 in the pocket. Soon I will be able to duplicate that setup again :D

Good luck w/ your lens choice.



Aug 15, 2011
I have just received the 60mm, and have been enjoying its versatility! Its a great portrait lens, a little slow for quick action, but a nice perspective. Does very nice Macro only 1:2x but that is fine with me, as I have the nikon micro and when fuji or others make an X to f adapter I will then use the nikon if I need 1:1.

Also ,I like the 90mmEFL that the 60mm XF is.It is ,and always has been my fav FL in 35mm. The 60mm is also good for tighter landscapes that I like to shoot
So all in all a great versatile, sharp and contrasty 60mm lens.

Also waiting for the 27mm pancake lens, as this EFL of 40mm is my next favorite FL, but I am concerned that it is only f2.8, would have liked to have seen Fuji design it with F2.0 or 1.7 like the pannasonic 20mm 1.7. But looking forward to seeing that pancake.

Fuji makes some great lens and when I shot LF I had there 240mm lens on my 4x5 and loved it.

So yes you have some nice lens to choose from, depends on what you like to shoot with.

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