What are these worth today?


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My dad gave me two cameras to sell so i can buy a new one. However, i've been having a hard time coming up with any information about them! Can anyone tell me how much these things are worth these days?

1. RICOH XR7 Film Camera - excellent condition
2. RICOH XR7 Camera case - like new
3. RICOH XR7 Neck Strap - worn
4. RICOH XR7 50mm Lens - Excellent condition
5. PENTAX PZ-20 Camera - Excellent condition
6. PENTAX PZ-20 neck strap - like new
7. PENTAX PZ-20 58mm lens - like new
8. PENTAX PZ-20 24mm fish eye lens - like new
8. PENTAX PZ-20 24mm lens heavy duty storage case - like new
9. PENTAX PZ-20 58mm lens - like new
10. Sunpak Auto 444 D Thyristor Electronic Flash Unit (for Pentax)- Excellent condition
11. PENTAX Long exposure clicker thing - Like New
12. RICOH XR7 Long exposure slicker thing - worn
13. Adapter for the Flash Unit so it can work on the RICOH
14. HOYA 62mm UV filter
15. HOYA 62mm Polarizing filter
16. two TIFFEN 58mm HAZE-1 filter
17. Regent Polarizing 58mm filter
18. Electronic Flash Unit Owner's Manual - worn a bit
19. PENTAX PZ-20 Operating Manual - worn a bit

All filters have cases to protect them.

So that's everything in the bag. Anyone have any info on any of it?