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I'm enjoying good life. Watching telly, sport on German channel, playing cards (freecell) with my wife on her laptop, internet on my laptop.
I have to check out prices for bridge cameras. Guess they will cost: 250 for HS20, 450 for HS30, 700 bugs for XS-1.
Any review of XS-1 ?
And...what are you doing right now?


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just checked my emails - and the SC Forum - sunny day here - then out to chain saw and cut wood for the coming week plus start to clean out the pool in readiness for the Spring/Summer
Just summoning up the courage to attack the pile of ironing before settling down to watch the Scotland-France Six Nations rugby match this afternoon.

I'm still on a high after Wales beat England in an immense match yesterday.

Oh and then if I haven't had too many beers, wifey needs a portrait for the staff board at her work so I'll have a bash at that.


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I'm also evading a pile of ironing! Got up at about 7.30 a.m and amused the dog for a while. Now supping coffee and perusing the net! Will probably take Little B out later when it warms up a bit.


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Finished watching Midsomer Murders on ABC, Running DVDs of the West Wing as I type on the netbook which I've set up again because I realised I need to sell the Macbook. I've been using the iMac again for photography and its a much better experience, even if it is 5 years old.

In the meantime Ubuntu is shaping up nicely with its apps, shame about the Unity interface which sucks and which is not really configurable. I've dropped back to Natty Narwhal and will not be upgrading again to Oneiric Ocelot, nor, I suspect, anything else Ubuntu. I may have to go native Debian after this.

Why am I playing with Ubuntu again? I've realised that I am no longer in a financial position to buy Mac hardware, and tbh I would prefer to spend my money on cameras and lenses. So my next computer purchase is likely to be a PC which I would immediately install with a Linux. But that's not for a while.

And I am tired and its past my bedtime. I ramble as much at this time of day as I do when I first rise in the morning.
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Just got to work after a nice morning walking the dogs and time spent lounging with them and the wife. Now 3 hours of selling records and compact discs if anyone decides to come in today. Sundays are either real busy or real slow.....not much in between. Looking forward to a dinner with some friends and then tomorrow sending reminder emails to those who haven;t emailed their cover photo to me for the book. Happy Sunday every1.


Spent the day recovering from the children's combined 18th birthday party, 106 teenagers for the evening out with 28 of them partying on through the night at our house afterwards!
Lots of fun pictures, some of which I may share later.


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A slow easy morning. Now at the mall, about about hour north of Toronto. My wife and younger monster are shopping, while I am at a coffee shop typing this. We won't be here long (we're not really mall people) then it's home to red, relx, maybe watch a movie. I'll take about 45 minutes later to set up my week.

We just sold our home in the 'burbs, so have some lists to make and planning around our move. We want to be back in the city. After hitting 'post quick reply', I'll be scooting around the web until my coffee is finished. I'm planning to buy a camera this spring, my first gear purchase in 2 1/2 years, so some investigation is in order...

Hope everyone has a peaceful day.
Ah well. Started the beers before the ironing which was a mistake. Watched the first hour of the Sco-Fra match when some friends called around so had to mute the telly and start on the wine and we'd made some baclava. A nice Argentinian Malbec is now on its way down.

Well played France; nicely set up for Le Grand Slam decideur in Cardiff in a few weeks. Allez les Rouges! (Pour Julien).

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