Fuji What are you shooting this weekend?


A local town is having a summer festival this weekend. Taking the kids and a camera to see what's going on.

What are you shooting this weekend?


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I bought a Tokina 100mm macro lens this week as part of my camera store's end of financial year sale. It's for a Nikon but with my K&F adapter, its going to get a run out on the X-T1 this weekend.


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Fired off a few frames from my Olympus 35RC film camera while I was doing some trail maintenance work along some very colorful flower-filled meadows. Haven't been able to get out in the woods much the last couple of weeks due to other commitments. Hoping the weather holds so I can get out next weekend.


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Been busy with distractions and started a part time job. I have been away from my camera and my motorcycle.

Finally getting out Sunday for some of this: :dance2:



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Sundays are when I take the brick (D800E) out in the car, if I have the time, to try and get some landscape/ environmental pictures done. Because of the optical viewfinder and not-very-good live view, I won't completely know till I process the files tonight whether what I did was any good.
I shoot JPGs with the OVF on the Pro2, and shoot with the rear LCD off, to have that I don't know what I've got till I get home feeling. Shooting events, the wysisyg of the EVF has become invaluable. I wonder how costly it would be to add an EVF into a SLR to have the best of both worlds. A nikon DF with that capability would be very tempting.

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