What are you up to today?


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The Netherlands
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I wanna thank everyone for their reply.
Air temperature went up to 37C this afternoon.
It's warm. Seems we'll have a warm hot August summer. Yippie, I like it that way!
London UK
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I had to go to work today but the shop was cool as the air conditioning was on. 32 degrees outside so I was in the right place. It was pretty quiet so had a little time to play with the cameras.


Sunny Frimley
I've had a lovely day today. Went to a see a private collection of cars in a beautiful setting. It was a small event intended to raise funds for a couple of charities which it certainly did. The cars on show were really lovely and a lot of people also turned out in their own vintage cars so there was lots to see! Photographic heaven. Just wish I could have done them justice. Will post a few that I'm happy with soon. We were the last people to leave at 6.30 after picnicing under a lovely shady Oak tree. Someone thought my Fuji X Pro 1 was a Leica too :wink:


Newcastle, Australia
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I spent Sunday dragging junk out to the footpath for council cleanup. And today am staying indoors, having just spent 60% of my income this fortnight, on bills. Ah well, that's life. Ripping all my DVDs to hard drive, thats the ongoing task.


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My weekends this time of year are very similar, work, work and work. Today I shot the new art for this seasons "Modern Family", actually a very fun day, last Sunday was 16hrs shooting the art for the new show "Nashville", the weekend before was another new show "Neighbors" and next Sunday I will be shooting the new art for "Grey's Anatomy". There might be one or two weekends off by November
Milwaukee, WI USA
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Oh I can hardly wait for new episodes of Modern Family. Bob, I think your job is so cool. Not the working with movie stars part......The part where you get to be creative with awesome cameras and lighting and make the magic happen.


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Melbourne. Australia
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Had the day off work, it was so nice outside I really wanted to head into the city and take some shots, alas, reality had other designs on my free time. So I pretty much spent the whole day doing my taxes while listening too (and watching) Faithless Live in Alexandra Palace on DVD.

I hate preparing my taxes, it makes me realize how incredibly loose I am with my money, luckily though, I do tend to benefit from a nice little lump sum in return so I kept myself motivated to keep going over my invoices with a fine toothed comb by telling myself of I find enough hidden dollars in that chaotic box (boxes) of paperwork I'll earn myself that lovely little Nokton 17mm that has been beckoning me, calling me, taunting me !


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