What are your favourite drinks ?


Tea (a mix of Assam and Darjeeling, with a bit of milk), Masala Chai (tea loaded with milk and some spices), Mango Shake, Organic South Indian Coffee, Lemonade (home made) and an occasional Cafe Latte. Yes, I am a teetotaler :p
My Number One drink is non-Western tea, all kinds of Chinese tea, Japanese tea and a variety of others like mint tea, ginko leaf tea. I'm not a fan of chamomile though.

Fruit juices are a favourite as well, preferably fresh, not the reconstituted juices.

And beer.. particularly the Australian Carlton Cold and/or Hahn Premium Light.


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vietnamese coffee (cafe sua da), coconut juice w/pulp (not the americanised coconut water that seems to be popular now) and arnold palmers. i guess ginger ales, too.

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Vanilla Hulk smoothie from Smoothie King; Orange Dream Machine from Jamba Juice; sugar cane juice; avocado smoothie; white chocolate mocha; creamy hot chocolate.


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Without a doubt, it has to be tea... English breakfast tea or Irish tea. The key most important characteristic I'm looking for is heartiness. I tend to buy Twinings brand. Of the standard, mass-market brands, I favor Red Rose. A bit of honey and a spot of milk or cream.

As an American, this hasn't always been easy. Tea drinkers tend to be second-class citizens in the colonies. The only time, this side of the Atlantic, that I didn't feel this way was when I was visting friends in Nova Scotia. There, at a tiny fisherman's co-op restaurant near a harbor, was a dedicated Bunsen machine with freshly brewed tea - a special, particularly hearty blend favored by fishermen in Atlantic Canada. Alas, it is no longer available.

I used to be a big Scotch and Irish whiskey man, but I don't drink alcoholic beverages anywhere near like I used to - no problem there, just personal preference as I get older. But I do enjoy the occasional Guinness or Harp.


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Water, water, and more water! Also green tea and decent coffee. Lemon lime and bitters is nice too. I no longer drink alcohol but used to like the red wines from the Margaret River area here in Oz, and also some dry whites from the Hunter Valley (fortuitously very close for me to drive to) but my main ETOH staple was cheap scotch and (club) soda. Or, if I was going to drink the scotch straight... had to be Glenfiddich. Now... its water, coffee, tea.
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I'm a total waterholic lately. I drink around 8 pints most days.....more in the summer. I just had a diet cherry 7-up that was most refreshing. I treat myself to around one or two diet sodas a week (recently heard that they are nearly as bad for you as the real stuff). Once in a great while, I'll get a Coke at a McDonalds......their Cokes taste different than every other one. I used to be a bourbon man, and my favorite was Maker's Mark. My wife says I snore more after drinking bourbon, so I have given it up except for special occasions. My wife and I love good wine, but we drink the boxed stuff (because I like fine cameras and she own a horse....no money left for great wine).
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Vodka. On its own or with a mixer. Usually more vodka.

Do you have a fave or two? I've been exploring the vodkas recently. I used to think that is just for drunks, but some of it actually tastes good! :alcoholic:
My new fave is not likely available over there. It's a small distillery called Tito's Vodka. They've one some fancy award for it making the best Vodka & tonic, but I prefer it on the rocks. Ketel One is my standby served ice cold. And we have a local one made in Milwaukee called Rehorst that is quite good, but their gin is on a whole other level so if I say Rehorst, I usually follow it with gin.


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Sorry Luke. No faves. I don't drink that often because it interferes with my physical activities . Vodka does not give me such a big hangover as anything else. I also like a Jack Daniels now and again.

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