What are your interests / hobbies besides of Photography / Video?


betwixt and between
Hmm, other than photography? My dog, Johnnie Walker, pictured here with his favorite thing.
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Olympus E-Pl1 20mm f/1.7

...oh and of course, family, good friends - plus reading, current events, a variety of charitable organizations, including environmental conservation, art, music... (as in listening to it)...

Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
I do a lot of bicycling when the weather cooperates - I find the older I get, the less it cooperates! I used to play a lot of guitar (never very well, but enough to entertain myself and play out with folks from time to time). But that's down to almost never lately - I haven't even had callouses for a year or so...

And then the typical - reading, travel, food, movies, etc, etc, etc.



Hall of Famer
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
I've played in bands (electric bass) for years but have been inactive for 6 years or so. In its place we took up caravaning again and have seen a lot of Australia. I enjoy most things related to computing and am in the process of converting my analog music (vinyl and tape) to digital (flac). Retirement has a lot to recommend it.
London UK
Have you come across many ghosts?

Oh Yes!!! We have 3 mediums and i make sure we split into teams, go off and get info from the spirits then swap locations then meet at the end and every time the info is more or less the same, names, jobs how they died etc. One place we do i have over a year period have had 8 mediums from all over the south of England and they have all come up with the same info from a place that only we have investigated. I have been pushed, poked, had stones thrown at me, I've heard groans, moans, a girl saying hello as clear as day, bangs, thumps, knocks, scraping, really loud foot steps running towards me and i have seen shadows of dead people and the ghost of a girl walking across the road at the place where i have had 8 mediums who all picked up on her (and others!). We have also caught voices on digital recorders. Most of the time we go to places that have never been investigated before which is great for me as if the mediums pick up on similar stuff that only i and the owner of the property know about then it's good validation.

We have a good laugh also as i have a great team.

Caught stuff on video but no photo's yet, well not ones where you can definitely say That's a ghost.

Video: YouTube - Ghost Hunt in Surrey Part1


Sunny Frimley
I'm interested in the usual things, reading (fiction, I like psychological thrillers:eek:), travel whenever possible and I do two or three dance based aerobics classes per week. What I've found since I began taking up photography again these past few years, is that I'm now much more open to art. I used to think it was boring and never really paid any attention to it but now I am always on the look out for local art exhibitions and galleries. I LOVE it! I just don't think I've ever had time for it before now.


Wow, some really versatile people here, I guess it all comes from shooting with compacts :D I love birding, walking through wooded parks, sunsets, looking at clouds, traveling in rural areas, staring at hills and mountains, watching science fiction, movies based on issues, listening to Leonard Cohen, current affairs (am addicted to news), environmental issues and making an occasional dish in the kitchen.