What Brightness & Contrast settings are you using on your primary monitor?


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While tweaking the "Dark" theme here I couldn't help but notice that the colors were 'washed' out versus my personal laptop. The monitor I'm using at the moment is a Dell E2211H, a widescreen LCD monitor used a lot here at work while my personal laptop is a Dell XPS 15. On the laptop the "Dark" theme was looking great; not so much on my work monitor.

Turns out the default Brightness and default Contrast settings on the Dell E2211H monitor is 75%. Cranking the brightness up to about 90% on the monitor helps. Next to the E2211H is a Dell 1907FP monitor (multi monitor setup at work) that also is set to a factory default of 75% Brightness but the same output looks much brighter & crisper on that display.

I can't help but wonder just how much of a difference there is now when viewing images uploaded to here (and other sites of course) by our members because the exact same image could be appearing quite different to each of us.
I use an iMac with a 27" Retina 5K screen, calibrated with Spyder5. The Spyder5 software controls the screen brightness as well, so I never manually alter brightness. The dark theme looks fine to me, although I prefer the light theme. Maybe the grey background is better for watching photos, Lightroom and Photoshop do this by default.

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