What do you actually do with the video capabilities of your camera?


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
I like to ask this periodically. What do you actually do with the video capabilities of your camera? I know that I never really use them and they never make a difference in a camera purchase except as a resale feature. If I want a quick video, I pull out my iPhone. It's really that simple. I have not really ever felt I needed better. I certainly have no interest in learning about video editing. I realize that some professionals like wedding photographers do this stuff as a matter of course. I'm curious how important video capabilities really are to the non-professionals among us. Of course, you pros can pipe right in since I'm sure you'll have interesting stuff to say.
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William Lewis

Feb 10, 2020
Hayward WI
William Lewis
Nothing. I wish I could buy my Nikon camera as stills only. I've never been good at or enjoyed taking video so I'd rather they used the space for a better still processor, wifi & gps.


Jul 7, 2010
I've used the Video feature of the Olympus u43 and Ricoh CX-1 on vacation to make videos of my Daughter. I don't shoot many videos much when on my own, but she likes them. I bought her a dedicated video camera when she was 11- she made some funny videos on her own. If you heard giggling behind you, she just took an embarrassing video.

My Nikon Df and Leica M Monochrom, M9, and M8 do not have video capability.
I tried if the video function works on my recently acquired Sony A7Rm4. It did, so I don't have to return it. I made one quick-and-dirty video, only to have it deleted by accident later. Oh well. I will make the occasional video clip, but I don't envisage any serious use.
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
A few years back when 120 fps video was a new feature, I would always test it out when I got a new camera. But there's only so many times you can make super-slo-mo videos of dogs playing. I generally just use the video feature of my camera is I need to put a video up on youtube. I like having a "correct" video aspect ratio.


Aug 20, 2011
Surrey/Hants border UK
Honest answer....... i tried it on my LX3 when i first got it. Watched in on the camera screen but deleted it after so it never even made it onto a bigger screen!
Video capable DSLR's - D800, Pretty sure i never tried it before i sold it on..

Current cameras D4 & D810 - Nope never. not even tried it :whistling:


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
I’m actually not a fan of watching videos. Maybe a 30 second clip of the grandkid doing something funny but that’s about it. I made tapes of my daughter during the early 90’s using a dedicated camera. I’m not quite sure where they are now. I suppose they have services that would transfer those tapes to CD or some files.


Aug 29, 2018
Shenyang, China
Not much, but I do think those who make videos are more likely on a higher level of advertising themselves. I don't like watching video centric Youtubers but they do show us the trend, to make more money you have to learn more skills, I'm in my 30s and there are many people in my age know how to edit videos on the phone.
Apr 18, 2014
Boston Burbs
When I shot events I occasionally shot video for Mitzvah candle lighting when I knew there was going to be something worth recording.

Otherwise I used video for video once on the GX85. I used it a few times with the specific intent to pull out stills from 4k.

Tilman Paulin

Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
It's basically because for good video you have to master so many additional skills that I can't be bothered... (and simply don't have the time).

You have to get good at recording sound and either get the rights to music/make your own/find good free music...

You have to become an editor...

You need a story to tell/something of interest to begin with...

And that doesn't even touch on all the technical bits like codecs, etc...

I prefer moments that I can tell in one photo. Or a bunch of photos...
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I have been able to use it a couple of times for a very simple quick grab of something. This February I was photographing the dolphins playing near the shore where I was staying. A simple button press and I grabbed a few seconds of video without removing my eye and losing the dolphin. It gave me the range and framing of the stills, with less effort than switching to the phone. A very quick trim, transfer to the phone, and send to the family to gloat. Not as easy as shooting on the phone, but not bad at all - and I got to trim it to size. Not bad.


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Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
I shot a wedding last year with the Leica M10 and M240. At the end of the day when many people had left and the core family group remained, somebody turned up the music and everyone spontaneously got up and danced. It was such a great way to end a wonderful day. I took quite a lot of shots of that little dance party and then when I felt that I had enough shots, I switched on the M240's video function and walked amongst the dancing crowd, got awesome footage to accompany the stills photos which the wedding couple is going to treasure for the rest of their lives.

I've also recorded brief clips on the fly when I bring my toddler daughter out to the park, just capturing little bits of memories along the way. It's very rare that I use the video function at all on the M240 but what I've captured has been valuable.

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