What do you actually do with the video capabilities of your camera?


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I use it quite frequently with both cameras. There are two basic fields:
- Recording live music (my own gigs and open stage guests in the Folk Club I've been running for 30 years now).
- Family meetings (birthdays, marriages): afterwards I burn the photos and movies on a DVD.
This is very welcome as most shots and movies are made with cell phones in the typical portrait format.
When my brother watched the movie of a birthday festivity he said he hadn't known that he could dance so well.
(He had never seen himself dance as a spectator).

What still astonishes me with both the E-M5 and the LX 100.2 is the HD quality when you watch the movies on a big TV screen. And the quality of the sound this tiny microphone inside gives you (the musicians are always astonished) is another surprise.

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