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Jock Elliott

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Comparing cameras. Two panoramas put together with ICE.

Camera one:

P cloud test 005_stitch.jpg

Camera two:

S cloud test 009_stitch.jpg

Here are the same two images, run through DXO 11's HDR:

Camera one:

P cloud test 005_stitch_DxO.jpg

Camera two:

S cloud test 009_stitch_DxO.jpg

(no fair peeking at the EXIF data)

Cheers, Jock


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other than the "seam" in the ones from the 2nd camera, I prefer it.

It might just be a 1/3 of a stop darker which makes the skies deeper blue and retains more detail in the clouds.

But they're remarkably close.

Assuming they were both shot at base ISO, whichever is the smaller sensor is doing well. Of course, in good light, all modern cameras should be able to perform well enough.

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