Micro 4/3 What Do You Use MFT For?


Is that a serious question? What does the average person use a camera for? Taking pictures. It's as simple as that. No need to over think it. I really like m4/3 due to the selection of tiny and lightweight fast primes. That's what m4/3 is all about. It's not cheap, the technical image quality is not the best, but it's plenty good enough for the vast majority of people. Yeah, phones are too, but they're horrible things to use, you can't change lenses, and I really dislike actually using them. Throw a tiny, fast prime on a well featured m4/3 body, and you've got a fabulously capable little system that's comfortable and great fun to use. That's all there is to it. Shoot whatever makes you happy. I could carry a medium format body and lenses around, I just don't want to.
Phone vs camera, and that particular body is one that the m4/3 fan bois yelled, squealed and complained about being "enormous" with no place in m4/3
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To answer your question, for quite a few years, I used MFT for pretty much all of my photography. Why? Because an MFT camera was not only my main one - but, on quite a few occasions, my only one. So...it was all I had. And the MFT cameras which I had, I found immensely satisfying. They all managed not only to 'get the job done' - but often to either 'realize' some surprisingly good (surprising to me, I mean) images, or to be good creative tools for translating either my mind's eye or the world around me, to images. Something I've been obsessed with for much of my life.

Over the past few years, I've branched out from MFT. For awhile, I used a handful of great Pentax DSLR's. More recently, I've become enamored of the color possibilities of some modern Fujifilm cameras, so much so that on occasion, my Fuji's have been my weapon of choice, so to speak. For colour images, at least. But I still use MFT for birds and wildlife (my E-M1 + some telephoto or telephoto-zoom lenses) - for travel (my GX9 is my favorite serious small travel camera, usually with a small prime) - and occasionally just for having a superb small camera which looks more like an innocuous point-and-shoot than a serious photographic device (my E-P5). They are all great cameras... still.

In no particular order, and with no rhyme or reason, here are a handful of some of the better (to my eyes, at least) photos I've taken over the years with MFT cameras. This first was taken with my old Lumix GX-1, and my dirt cheap Olympus BCL (BodyCap Lens) 15mm fixed f/8 plastic lens--

View attachment 337740

This portrait was taken at a local minor league baseball game of one of the fans - with my old GX8, and a wonderful lens, the PL 45mm macro--

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A shot of plants growing inside the abandoned Volvo parts car of a good friend of mine, parked out in the middle of his farm (taken with my old GX7 and its humble kit lens)--

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The tail end of a classic old Dodge sedan, taken with a classic old MFT camera, my former Olympus E-P1, and its underrated small 17mm pancake lens--

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This is one of my favorites, taken at a Halloween parade in Ashland, Oregon, with the inexpensive but oh-so-sharp Rokinon fisheye on my ancient GX1--

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Lastly, two of my more recent MFT shots, taken with the GX9 and the small 20mm Lumix lens, on a trip to Mexico City. First this street shrine, on a busy boulevard---

View attachment 337748

And lastly this ancient Renault that was parked on a quiet street--

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So... yeah, hard to say what I use MFT for. Probably the simplest answer, in all seriousness, is --- to take pictures with.
And no, that's not facetious. It's the truth.

Of course the problem with simple answers is, they can create other more complicated questions - including why a person takes or tries to take pictures in the first place. Which gets us into interesting but deeper waters...

But...thanks for asking the (initial) question, though... definitely made me think.
Bravo Miguel, couldn't have said/represented it better myself
I am getting ready to take my yearly trip with my buddy George to the South West for 10 days. I've taken lots of different cameras and lenses on this trips, but for the last 5 years my Gx85/Oly 9-18, 75-300II have been my go to system. All my f2.8s and PL100-400 stay home as do the G9's (as will the Gh6 I on planning on getting). I love this little camera and how those two lenses basically give me a Super zoom. With the On1 Noise AI and Resize I no longer worry about details in the image nor if I want to make a really large print. Small size, big performance. The Gx85 IMHO is a fantastic little camera which I am sorry to it see go the way of the dinosaurs. These trips are reasonably expensive, but I've never had doubts about using this consumer setup I take. Got the 9-18 used about the same time I got the Gx85 for $325 used with hood, and the 75-300II about $400 on a Oly sale. Both produce far beyond what I expected. Got to love M43.....