Film What Film Cameras do you use?


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Wouuw! The Plaubel would be my dream - even there is no MF scanner, but I would buy it.....

The Plaubel is a wonderful camera, just one of a few MF cameras that Nikon built lenses for. I've read the Makina 67 was designed for Japanese Photojournalist. It's so small when the lens is collapsed that I consider it a classic compact camera of its kind.

In terms of resolution, I think that an Epson v700 scanning 60x70mm would match an Imacon scanning 24x36mm, but I cannot speak to image color depth or flatness or dust removal.


This little Rollie arrived this morning; I had a more expensive one with the Tessar lens the (best is the Sonnar) in the early 70's, they were made in Germany and Singapore.
I was both delighted to find a number in VGC for sale from a shop in Inverness Scotland.
This model has the cheaper Triotar lens, made in Singapore, am waiting for some film to arrive. But it is a very fiddly camera but I was able to remember most of its quirks once started.
The hardest bit will be loading the film...


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Voigtlander Bessa are great modern rangefinders, they do everything really well, unlike the sometimes strange operating procedures of the vintage ones


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I've used a Fujifilm GA645 medium format for about the last 8 years or so. Fantastic lenses on the Fuji's. I've just recently picked up an early '60's Graflex Century 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 folding camera with a Zeiss lens. I shoot almost exclusively in black and white film, mostly Ilford Delta 100 which I'm very pleased with.


There are some great looking cameras in this thread!

I shoot quite a bit of film, mostly b&w. My favorites cameras at the moment are a Pentax ME Super with the 40mm pancake lens and a Contax TVS II a friend gave me. For medium format I really like shooting with my Yashica Mat EM, though it is anything but compact.



Arrived this morning from The Trip Man who also sells Gorky straps in the UK,
I loved this little camera which I think was my first 35mm after Roll film and cassettes, will be loading it later.
Slight problem getting the focus correct with my ultra modern Oly E-PM1!


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Penny, I've seen his website before and it stirs the vintage camera passion deep within. I'm not much into manual everything and don't understand light metering as well I should. But from what I understand these are fairly idiot-proof (I'm implying that I'm an idiot....not you). I'd like your opinion and I'd love to see what you shoot with that little beauty.


Luke I loaded the Trip very easily this morning, unfortunately its only 200ASA however as long as the light is good if not will have to wait until late spring before anything is developed. It only goes up to 400ASA anyway.
You only have to set the ASA and put the dial to on Auto or set the aperture, if on A and there's not enough light it refuses to to fire. As said the metering system is idiot proof; but I have used fully manual cameras in my far distant past (being an old girl)
There's a cable release and hot shoe for the flash (which I won't bother with) it feels nicely weighty and the viewfinder is fine I wear glasses now. The focusing is by icons on the ring around the lens...I suppose that will be a learning least for me.
As said it maybe sometime before I get through the film of 24.

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