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Film What film do people have 'in progress' ?

Mar 23, 2015
Fuji G690 - Velvia 50 - complete, need to remove until I can get it developed
Been so long since I last used this camera the back pressure-plate was still set to 220!

Bronica S - Agfa APX 100 - about 50% through
Always surprised at how much fun this thing is to shoot

Nikon F2 - Fomopan 400 - 95% through, just need to finish the roll
Tempted to get a new focusing screen - the reticle patch isn't as good as more recent cameras
Mar 23, 2015
Bronica S - Agfa APX 100 - still going on the roll above, about 90% through
Slow going. Need to make a conscious decsion to take it out more - mostly its my 35mm that get walk-about time.

Konica Hexar AF (Titanium) - Agfa Vista 400 - just started
Will try and get out over summer for some shots. Should really have loaded it up with Velvia now the sun seems to be out more.

I've still got the Fuji & Nikon film in the fridge from September - just waiting for the Bronica to wrap-up and get it all developed.
Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
I have Lomography Orca in the Pentax Auto 110, XP2 400 in the Minolta X370, and Acros 100 in the Ricoh 500G (which has sat unused for a couple of months since I loaded it!). I’m enjoying shooting with the tiny Pentax, I just hope the results are reasonable.


Code Monkey
Nov 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
Do you guys use mail-order film processing labs or still have local places that you can go through?

In the region where I'm at local places that actually process film have disappeared long ago and were replaced by services like the local chain drug stores before they switched to central processing labs and now even most of them have stopped processing film in this area, offering instead just digital print services.
Mar 23, 2015
Do you guys use mail-order film processing labs or still have local places that you can go through?
Theres a local place in my city - its typically overnight for C41 and a couple of days longer for B&W or Slide - I usually get back the negatives and have them scan direct to CD rather than getting prints. I'm usually not in a big hurry so this seems to work fine for me.

I did pick up a developing tank and chemicals but haven't got around to trying home development yet.
Mar 23, 2015
I still have a few shots in my Bronica which is holding up my other three rolls ready to process. I may just bite the proverbial and take what I have into the shop rather than procrastinating further.
Mar 23, 2015
Out of interest, aside from handloading, does anyone have a good source for 12 exposure 35mm B&W film? I'm interested for a couple of reasons -
(a) its useful in half-frame cameras
(b) it'd be very useful when experimenting with home developing technique instead of wasting a 24 or 36 exposure roll
Mar 23, 2015
Finally got my Nikon F2, Bronica S, Konica Hexar & Fuji 690 stuff developed. My goto development shop had changed hands since I'd last had stuff developed (I suspect they just act as a drop off point for a proper developer) - they were a little apologetic about the cost and the fact I only got 5 shots off the 120 6x9 film (which they hadn't seen before!) - found it quite amusing. Will need to run the scans through Aperture and post the results.

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