Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

More developer!

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I do have an unopened bottle of Rodinal I got for its longevity, but I don’t feel like wanting any extra grain right now and DD-X seems to keep really well, too. I believe I bought my previous bottle over a year ago, but used maybe half of it then. The last drops in the old bottle were spent last weekend. I even had to dilute it to 1+9 instead of the regular 1+4, but it worked great!
Anyone tried this stuff? On the one hand, a little pricey (but also, not that pricey), on the other, 8 and 18 exposure film would be super handy for my Oly half-frames... Is it re-spooled Portra or something else? Seems to be sold out of China but not grey-market Fuji/Kodak (at least not on the outside).

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Good Morning,

I picked up another Canon Canonscan FS-4000US film (35mm) scanner this morning from a local thrift shop as a parts "Queen" for my original unit. That one was purchased new way back in (OMG) 2003, and still is running with Win10, Adaptec SCSI and Vuescan without issues...:)


I'll need to get a scanner at some point but now I have medium-format covered and it may be a little simpler to develop as this is a daylight tank and getting through some 120 is a little faster than 35. I've watched some online videos of its use and it seems straightforward. Still a bit mystified by how it separates the backing paper from 'film' layer but I guess I'll need to experiment I guess.

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SMD80048 by Walter Kernow, on Flickr