What gear do you regret selling?


Jul 15, 2010
Most of the cameras I have either sold or given away I do not miss much, The only ones I have any real regret of getting rid of; for shooting were my Mamiya 6 and Mamiya 7s and just because I miss how cool it was my old Sinar P 4X5.


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
I think my K200D is one. I liked the images coming off the CCD and 10MP and am less fond of whats coming off the K-5 CMOS and 16MP. Another regret was selling my Olympus mju1020. Brilliant little camera that was so tiny and slim it fitted in a top pocket.


Jul 24, 2010
Still regret:
[*]Contax T3
[*]Ricoh GR1s
[*]Leica Macro Elmar 90
[*]ZM 25mm

Regretted and bought again:
[*]ZM Sonnar 50
[*]Ricoh GXR


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Never, no no never, ever, in a million years, no no, really, no, I mean it, never ever sell Leica.

I have over the years worked my way through a number of LTM, M and R bodies and lenses. It would be true to say that I have bought twice on many an occasion... 2 M6, 2 DR Summicrons, 2 90mm Collapsible Elmars... the list goes on. Problem is, once you have used a Leica lens or body it imprints itself on your consciousness. Months or years later you reach out for it - and it's gone. Then you see it in a shop window, or in extreme cases, go on a quest to replace your lost love.

Don't do it.




Oct 4, 2011
I keep thinking about selling my Oly E510. It's barely used, which is a shame. However, I never really connected with it the way I connected with my ex1 and other cams. On the euro market, the resale is excellent, so it's making me think about doing it. However, I have some Konica lenses on the way and I'll try them out and see what happens. I lose wide angles, but we'll see how it works otherwise. Some people swear by the cam.

Another option is to start collecting Pentax primes from local used markets and using them on the 510 and if I ever step up to the K5, they'll be waiting for me.


Sep 30, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Snake, I've got an Oly E-510 too and I know what you mean. It was bought as a compromise camera and was a failure in my eyes, for our needs. Compact enough for a DSLR it was still too big for my wife (and, it would turn out later, for me) and the camera quickly proved to me that I just don't like 4/3 sensors.

What's one worth in Euroland? Whenever I look on eBay I see resale values for the E-510 and 2 kit zooms being insufficient to bother with so it mostly gets used by my kids (although they clamour for a camera that does decent video) and by me for eBay and Craigslist product shots. An inglorious end to be sure.


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Edit: wonder if the King of Gas (Armando) has any regrets?
LOL!! No regrets! Seriously! I don't sell much of the stuff (even though I should)!

Actually, I do regret not selling my Oly 70-300 for more money!! I trade it in at the local shop for a bargain price when I first got the GH2.

@Amin, I still have the Voigtlander Nokton 35/1.4 and the 50/1.5. Two amazing lenses for the price (relative to Leica's anyway). I like to say that they offer 90% of Leica performance at 10% of the price.


Oct 4, 2011
To be honest, it does well sometimes. I never bothered with the HG lenses of above, though maybe I should have. I passed on some nice opportunities because I was never sure if I was into the cam that much from new. I see them going in the upper 300-low 400 euro range with the two lenses. Body only in the mid-high 200s. I'll see how the manual lenses go. Of course, I lose wide by doing it, but I give it a chance, nonetheless. At the least, the Konica lenses are usable on NEX cams and others.


Top Veteran
Dec 27, 2010
Kiev, Ukraine
I regret selling an extraordinary macro lens, an outstanding portrait lens and an insanely sharp short telephoto. And it was just one lens, not three separate items.

Olympus OM 90/2 Macro. Sold it for peanuts because I badly needed money. Now they're over $1000 on ebay provided you can find one.

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