Fuji What happened to the X100?

Armando, your a good man. I consider you a friend.
I wouldn't let you marry my daughter because you 2 have way too much in common.
Between youse, the worlds camara economy is stable.
The Armando Bethany Camera Collection would go down in history.

And.... Neither one of you two will let me get my hands on you know what!
For all you dedicated folks still shooting with your X100's I came across this guy, Julian Reid, on 500px. He has a great range of street shots taken with his X100.
I have no dog in this fight, but I'd just like to make the observation that I've visited three camera shops in the past week (one in the Shires, two in London). All three had mint secondhand X100s on their shelves, at around the £600 mark.
$800? Wow. What a steal. Leica X1's are still about $1200-1400 used, and the X100 is superior in just about every way, IMO. I should put a red dot on my X100. It would triple the value immediately! :)
The Red Dot Syndrome.... you probably don't remember the Black Dot........ That's the real Dot.....!

Yes, I have seen the black dot! Leica M6 limited edition for the Leica Society of something something. :) One can purchase a black dot nowadays too for a cool $80 on EBay! Most recently, they had them on the M8.2. But heck, the priciest now is the "no dot" on the M9P.
I'm still loving my X100 for all the reasons I bought it in the first place...as a modern, more flexible replacement for my M6 and Zeiss 35/2.0.

I took the X100 to Hawaii last week and made some satisfying photos, and I'll share a few in the Images post area. Here's an example...a portrait of a stranger I met on the seawall.

X100, SilverEfex Pro 2:

David, you haven't been around these parts in a long time - and now, at least in part, I know why. Hawaii is a fabulous excuse! I think the graininess and film feel to this portrait is wonderful - he looks like a great fellow enjoying the sun and ocean breezes. I'm off to find the rest of your pictures now!
BB, yeah, I haven't posted in a while. The problem I've had in the past is that I get too caught up in gear issues and don't take the time to make good pictures. When something doesn't work out, I try to figure out what gear would solve the problem, instead of just trying to shoot another way.

So, I'm trying to focus less on gear issues (i.e. message board posts about gear, which make me feel inadequate) and more on squeezing the most out of what I have.

Thanks for looking at the pictures.
David, we've got tons of image threads just waiting for your pictures! Believe, me as much as there are recent threads about new cameras and lenses, most of us are really interested in seeing our own and others' results. Looking forward to more and I, too, will check out your website.:th_salute:
I change cameras a lot but my X100 seems like it is going to stay, I love the image quality. I am getting an X10 on Monday to complement the X100, but my m4/3 cameras are sitting a lot and may get handed down to the girls. I will always have a Ricoh GR in my briefcase, and truthfully I use my IPhone 4s camera a lot as well. But at the end of the day the camera I use the most for just having fun is my X100.
Here are a few recent X100 images from a quick trip to the northwest, last week.
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Landshark, longtime no see and I'm very glad to have you back with these stunning fall images - talk about richness of color!

It appears that quite a few of us X100 folks are opting for its more diminutive sibling. I tried not to, but my pavlovian response kicked in too strongly once B&H got them in...but then once you have a great camera in hand, it's very difficult to send it back.

The image quality of the X100 is superb and for me, so are the straightforward controls - love that aperture ring.

Looking forward to seeing your photographs from both now, Landshark!