What if?


Today I dropped my camera not far enough to do majour damage, just enough to give it a few battle scars. I just dusted it off, shrugged my shoulder and kept shooting. After all what is a tool without working grunge on it?

While I was driving back from the shoot I got to thinking. I don’t change cameras all that often but “What if?” What if my camera was destroyed, what if I had to replace it, what would I choose?

While there are lots of really cool cameras out there tempting me I think I would look for another GF1 as it works for me.

So if you had a “What if?” What would you do?


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If my X100 dropped and was destroyed, I'd sell the others to get another X100.
If it was any other camera, I'd look for something else.
That's the truth and I'm sticking with it.


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Depends on the camera. My G2 would be replaced by a G3 when it became available. The Oly E-P1 I would not replace. The Canon 50D would probably be replaced by a 7D. In any case, I would probably have a long hard cry...




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GRDIII or X100: replace no matter the cost. Others: use the GRDIII or X100 instead


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Grant, I'm glad your camera is hunky dory, first and foremost. Me, I'd need to get ahold of another Fuji X100. We have tied the knot.

I think once someone finds it, such as you have with your GF1 that there's no point in playing the field. Sometimes, however, it takes quite a while to find the one.