What keeps you using your current camera brand?

I switched from Canon to Fuji the first week of January 2014. I loved the Canon gear I was shooting with. But at the time I was working at a lot of weekend long events like comic cons. And the hours of walking with the weight of the Canon gear was wearing on. So I gave Fuji a try due to the much lighter weight. And really liked the images the Fuji gear produced. While Fuji didn't have everything I was looking for, they were working at developing the system. Now Fuji has a very well rounded out set of lenses and a variety of bodies. The cool thing about the Fuji bodies is that while the current offerings are quite capable. The older bodies, while less capable, have different quirks and rendering qualities from the sensor which make them great cameras to use even now. I stay with Fuji because it does everything I need it to while providing options for anything I want to do in photography.
Thanks for the question, @CountingGx85Gx8G9s. It made me start thinking why. Since all camera brands are good, why keep this brand?

To answer the question, Pentax DSLR cameras make me feel like they are an extension of my hands, body, mind, soul and heart. The moment I held a K200D in 2021, I quickly realised that the camera would just completely merge with me. It's the same with the K-3, which is my daily now. Time slows down when I hold the camera, place it on my left hand and slowly raise it up to level the OVF to my eyes. Then, when I look through the OVF, then through the lens, I see the light and many parts of my brain get activated, giving that framed feeling of seeing my final print right before I release the shutter. Every time I release the shutter, there's that feeling of calmness because I knew I would be seeing the image I saw on the OVF on my print. Upon printing, I would say to myself that it was actually the thing I saw on the OVF. My heart pauses during each shutter release and when it starts beating again, I get that unexplainable sense of enjoyment. I tried explaining the feeling but, many times, I still can't explain it.

Pentax is my main system now but I still have MFTs because they have a purpose. My GM5 mimics a point-and-shoot when the 12-32mm is mounted and that enables me to do my photography in cases/events when system cameras aren't allowed, at all. Also, the videos I get from the Lumixes are just top notch. We can argue about specs and bit-rate, but in terms of overall efficiency, I believe Panasonic knew all along how to get the 4:3 sensor to react with the light like how it did during the film era. I used to do extensive filming during the film era and MFTs are just one of those tools that simplify my videos. MFTs make me focus on my content and lighting more so I can shoot more instead of staying in front of a screen grading and adjusting exposure.